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A Gentle Solution

To A Tough Problem

About Us


Gentle Hands was founded as a response to the lack of quality hand sanitizers available in the marketplace. Our founders discovered that the sanitizing products on the market had several issues, from lack of effectiveness to ingredients that are damaging to the skin.


Gentle Brands' mission is to create effective and safe products that are competitively priced. With this in mind, they have partnered up with suppliers with over 20 years of manufacturing experience and supply chain procuring. The result is a locally-made, hospital-grade sanitizer that leaves skin moisturized and germ-free without any lingering unpleasant odors.


Unlike our competitors, Gentle Hands owns and operates one of the largest independent manufacturing operations in the sanitation sector in the US. Each product and batch are tested vigorously to ensure customers receive a quality sanitizer. We believe in transparency, and make our product purity test results available to the public.


Additionally, every time you use a Gentle Hands product - you are making a difference. We donate a portion of our proceeds of every sale to charitable causes at home and abroad. We want you to know that every time you help yourself you are helping others.


That's the Gentle Hands Movement.

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