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Protect your hands with our powerful 80% alcohol and moisturizing FDA & CDC-approved formula. Gentle enough for every home, with hospital-grade power for medical settings. 14% more powerful than Purell and Germ-X*, with a pleasantly refreshing neutral scent.


-Moisturizing Formula 

-Made & sourced in the USA

-Manufactured in our FDA registered facility.

-COA Lab Tests available for every batch

-Produced with premium 80% food-grade ethyl alcohol


* Based on alcohol content.

32 oz Fragrance-Free Sanitizer Spray

  • Our sanitizer in the purest form is free of any scents or fragrances while still maintaining all of its germ fighting power. Perfect for multi-surface applications; this formula is ideal for medical use, where sensitivities can be an issue, or industrial applications. 

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